Al-Khair Insulon

Making your home the right temperature for the right price… Al-KHIR INSULON
Insulation is the most important thing you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. By insulating your ceiling, floors and walls, you retain valuable warmth in winter while keeping out the summer heat. When it comes to the need for AL-KHAIR INSULON homes must be near the top of the list. With a climate that can see searing heat in summer and sub zero temperatures in winter protecting your house from heat loss and heat gain is essential.
AL-KHAIR INSULON are specialists in insulation material. With a solid reputation for superior products and customer care, our insulation services provide your home or office with:
• Comfort all year round
• Reduced noise levels
• 45 to 55% energy savings
• Condensation control
• Satisfaction of helping the environment
Roof Insulation works by restricting the flow of heat or sound through ceiling cavities and also stops drafts that can flow through cracks and gaps in and around light fittings. Uninsulated homes are at risk of higher heating or cooling costs as they loose valuable heat during winter and gain unwanted heat over summer
Heat and sound can pass through any material, however, some materials are more resistant than others. While metal, glass and air easily allow the transfer of heat or sound, materials such as animal fur, thick clothing, and even still air, which are more resistant.
Materials known to significantly resist the flow of heat or sound are called insulators or insulation and are installed into ceilings, floors and walls to minimize the need for heating and cooling or to soundproof your home.